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The AGAME Technology Story

 The saying goes, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”

This adage was proven true in the design and development of A-Game Brisole outsoles. Ed Coleman is the man behind A-Game Kustomz shoes, an inventor, an avid golfer, and the founder of A-Game Global Sports. Like other golfers around the world, Ed routinely experienced wet grass on his clubs, regardless of the season. Wet grass causes dirt and debris to stick to the club face; Inevitably he would be out of range of his golf cart, and without a towel handy to clean his club; so he would wipe the club on his pants leg or gloved hand. As you know a clean club face helps the rotation of your ball which improves your shot.

After a few rounds of this, Ed had an epiphany, a revelation that encouraged the golfer to create a better way, so he set out to devise a golf shoe with cleaning bristles; Ed’s attempt — to take a few pairs of regular shoes, drill holes and glue bristles inside the sole(s) – failed and left him a little frustrated.

While playing with his dog Lexi, Ed then found inspiration in the unlikely form of his dog’s toy with cone-shaped grippers. He took the bristles from the toy, incorporated them into his design and eureka, it worked. Naming this new technology Brisole, he refined the product with a new sole that included club-cleaning bristles angled at a 45-degree angle into the toe area of the shoe. The first product launched at the PGA Merchandise Show In Orlando, Florida.

All A-Game products are designed with innovative special features that enhance the users’ ability to perform at the highest level.