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The Big Idea: Brisole Technology

Professional and amateur golfers alike are turning to the entire A-GAME line of products for the precision, and convenience that our technology provides. Not to mention, the competitive edge it brings to their game. A-GAME’s innovative features:

Brisole Technology is sold on footwear all over the world under the A-Game Brand.  Brisole Technology is club cleaning bristle built right into the sole of the shoe. Effective for removing dirt and debris on the course, at the driving range, or anywhere.

Kustomz by AGame line is a unique blend of materials and accessories that allow you the customer to design your own look. Great for the individual who dares to be different – or schools, teams, and groups who want to wear their team colors with pride.

Dual custom fitting Insoles. Most A-Game shoes come with two insoles: an ergonomic insole, that creates a contoured standard fit, and a thinner outsole, that can be inserted in place of or on top of the existing insole to assist in a custom sizing feature for that perfect fit.

Most A-Game shoes are designed with a totally seamless inner padding called Booty-Style Construction. This promotes an extremely comfortable fit that feels virtually like a slipper and requires little to no break-in time.

Our manufacturing facilities are world class and strive for perfection in everything we do.



When we say I’m on my ‘A-Game’ today, it’s a true statement. A.G.A.M.E. It stands for “Always Going Above MExpectations!” Our team of inventors, designers, and manufacturing professionals are all committed to creating the best product available on the market.