Meet our team of inventors, designers, and manufacturing professionals who are all committed to creating the best product available on the market. So, when we say I’m on my ‘A-Game’ today, it’s a true statement.

the Innovators


Ed Coleman
Founder & CEO

Ed Coleman is the man behind A-Game golf shoe and Kustomz fan shoes. Ed is an inventor, avid golfer, and the founder of A-Game Global Sports and Kustomz. The company has been working very hard to get noticed in this very crowded space. Ed is completely dedicated to selling a shoe that’s not only a quality golf shoe but one that also offers features never seen.


Martin H. Troupe, Sr.

Martin is the managing partner for A-Game Global Sports and Kustomz in Houston, Los Angeles, and St. Louis. He leads a team of ambassadors in all three cities from the Houston-based offices.


our manufacturing facility

Our manufacturing facilities are world class and strive for perfection in everything we do. Because we are our own manufactures, just about anything is possible. Make your next golf shoe, an ‘A-Game’ golf shoe, and your feet will “thank you”.







A-GAME Global Sports has invested and developed a partnership with a state of the art, all purpose-built manufacture that specializes in developing, manufacturing and exporting golf shoes and therapeutic shoes to meet the needs of production. A-GAME Global Sports has helped to set up MDC (Marketing Developing Center), PDC (Product Development center) and QAC (Quality Assurance Center) three key function center to run the business. BOKGroup International Trade, Inc. Company address: Building 41,2nd Floor West, Juyuanzhou Industrial Zone, 618 Jinshan Avenue, Fuzhou, Fujian, China

A-GAME Manufacturing Factory Fuzhou, Fujian, China.